Paint Sprayer Safety Tips

Paint sprayers are safe to use; however, you should handle them with care. They, like all other tools, deserve to have your respect when you are using them. A lot of the paint sprayers that are available are very powerful. They use pressurized air to spread out paint evenly. If your skin happens to come into contact with the end of the spray nozzle, it could cause a puncture to your skin and inject paint into your system. Although this is rare, it could put toxins into your body. You should seek medical treatment if this happens, even if it only looks like a tiny cut, and be able to tell your doctor what type of paint you were using. Chances are good, it is not just a minor injury. For this reason, it is also best if you use the spray gun’s safety switch when you are not using it. This will prevent children from accidently spraying it and ensures that everyone stays safe.

You should also wear a face mask to ensure you do not inhale a lot of paint fumes and eye goggles to ensure you do not end up getting paint in your eyes. Even if you do have on a face mask, you need to make sure that you only spray paint in a well-ventilated area to ensure that you do not inhale fumes. Exposure to paint fumes can make it difficult to breathe and cause you to become dizzy. Both of these issues can become dangerous, especially if you are painting from a ladder. Another great reason for proper ventilation is that there is a risk of fire or an explosion if you are closed up in a room with a running sprayer, paint fumes, and a spark. There are some paints that are flammable and there are also solvents that can catch fire. This risk is further increased by an ungrounded spray system if the hose gathers static electricity and it travels through the gun.

You should always start spraying in a corner or along the edge of an exterior wall. The same is true for cabinets, chairs, and other stuff. Start on the side and spray using a back and forth or up and down spray pattern. It is best to overlap the spray area by approximately half of the spray pattern. For instance, if spraying in a back and forth motion; move the sprayer to the right first and then pull it back toward your center covering half of the already painted area. Then drop it down a tiny bit and move it toward the right again. This will give you total coverage of the surface area.

Spraying paint onto surfaces is not hard to do, but it does require consistency on your part and even professional painters end up with runs occasionally. It is not a big deal to repair, but the faster you deal with it, the better your end result will look. It is recommended that you have a paint brush close by so that as soon as you can take care of the run when you see it. Simply wipe at the run using your brush and then lightly go back over the area with your paint gun to remove streaks that are inevitably going to be left behind by the brush.

When you first purchase a paint sprayer, you may want to start out on small projects before tackling your entire home. This is so that you can get a feel for the way you need to use your sprayer. If you are willing to do that, you will end up with a better painting experience when it does come time to paint large areas of your home. However, to further ensure success, you should also keep in mind a few safety tips.

Painting Like A Pro Using Your Spray Painter

Before you actually use a paint sprayer, it may seem like all you would have to do is grab it and start spraying, but the truth is; it takes a little more effort than that. A paint sprayer can give any area a great looking fresh paint job, but it can also end up looking bad if you are not careful. You can practice painting with a sprayer by using water first or, if you have extra paint, by painting an old piece of wood. By practicing, you can fine tune the technique you prefer to use, make necessary adjustments to the paint sprayer to get the coverage that you want, and get a full understanding of what it takes to pull off a successful painting experience. Things to keep in mind include:

*Your Sprayer Should Always be Moving. If you stop moving the sprayer from side to side, the paint will become thick in one area. This will lead to runs. You do not have to move it fast, you simply have to keep it moving. You can adjust your speed and movement to get the coverage that you want. You may also choose to spray up and down. Test it out to see which you prefer.
*Practice Spray Patterns. Some people prefer to use a vertical spray pattern to get a tall, but thin oval shaped paint coverage area. Others prefer the horizontal spray patterns because it ends up being a wide oval spray pattern to give you more coverage area at one time. There are also people who change up the spray pattern depending on what they are going to paint.
*Always Hold the Tip Away from the Surface. You should strive to keep the tip of your sprayer a consistent distance away from the surface of what you are painting. Most people recommend that the space be somewhere between 6” and 12”. Ideally, no matter which you choose, you will maintain that space throughout painting, so you do not end up with paint being thicker in one area than it is in another.

Once you are confident that you can spray paint well enough, you can move on to your projects. Good lighting will be ideal, especially on interior walls. You will want to be able to see places that you may have gone a little too light with.

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